My Dear Parishioners,
At one time or another, most of us have probably seen televised videos that show personal mishaps and blunders. On various occasions, there have been some episodes about things that go wrong at weddings. Funny to those watching the episodes unfold, but undoubtedly not so funny at the time to the bride and groom, or those closest to them.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus and his mother are at a wedding and something goes wrong. The Blessed Mother notices that they have run out of wine. She mentions it to her Son, who appears to be having a good time and does not seem to understand why his mother’s observation should be of any concern to him. Being the obedient Son, Jesus tells the wine stewards to fill some water jars. And we know the rest of the story. The newlyweds are spared a major
embarrassment, the bride’s parents do not lose face among their friends, and everyone has a good time.
Two things can get missed in the happy conclusion to this passage if we have not been paying attention. The ministry of Jesus had not officially begun, and we never hear his mother say another word in all of the Scriptures. This is the Evangelist John’s way of introducing Jesus to the crowd, so to speak. It is his mother who has made this event the appointed hour for Jesus to become known: Do whatever he tells you, she instructs the stewards. John refers to the event as the beginning of the signs of Jesus and that his disciples then began to believe in him.
As we ponder this role Mary played in the ministry of Jesus, we are also called to think about our role in continuing that mission. In today’s second reading, Paul reminds us that there are many different gifts but one Spirit. Taken together, these readings offer us a good opportunity to reflect on how we have been using the unique gifts and talents given to us by God. Most of us know, possibly all too well, how easy it can be for us to get drawn into jockeying for position at work, within the family or among friends, to the point that we fail to see the blessings, gifts, and opportunities that surround us.
Mindful of this reality, let us do our best to remember the mission that we are called to each day: that of using our gifts and talents, in cooperation with others, to help build up God’s Kingdom on earth; to help build a better world. We are to seek to do this in all areas of our lives, in our parish, our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods and in our workplaces. The object lesson is one we know quite well: Simply put, we need to pay attention to God speaking to us in our hearts, then we need to go and do what Jesus is calling us to do.
God Bless, Msgr. Maresca